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How many guide leaders does it take to change a lightbulb?

Hopefully an amusing Girlguiding take on this old joke …

  • One to contact everyone to find a date when you can all get together to plan the forthcoming light bulb change and minute the meeting,
  • One to Chair the meeting,
  • One to check the Guiding Manual to establish if light bulb changing is listed in the A-Z of adventurous activities (for the avoidance of doubt – it isn’t)
  • One to keep commissioners updated with any announcements about the details of the planned light bulb changing,
  • One to update social media with announcements of the impending event and consider a live webcast of the event
  • One to write the risk assessment
  • One to check the risk assessment
  • One to confirm that even though they don’t want the job of changing the light bulb themselves they wouldn’t have done it that way
  • One to draft the press release in advance
  • One to write a limerick or skit about light bulbs,
  • One to establish whether there is anything in the archives about how they used to change light bulbs
  • One to buy the light bulb, one to decide which column the expenses should be recorded in the accounts
  • One to write a timeline and two to do a dry run of the light bulb changing,
  • One to remember we’re a girl led organisation and we didn’t ask the girls if they wanted the light bulb changing!!!
  • One to bring refreshments,
  • One to change the light bulb whilst everyone else encourages them ….
  • One to take pictures,
  • One to lead a ‘well done well done well done cheer for a job well done’,
  • One to suggest that we should have undertaken an evaluation prior to rushing ahead with the aforementioned ‘well done’
  • One to buy badges for everyone who participated!
  • Everyone to share on social media how proud they are of everyone who was involved in the recent magnificent light bulb changing event.