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Annual Gathering 2018 – Your Guiding Light

Your Guiding Light

When you first come into Guiding, 

You will feel a spark ignite

And from then on it’s up to you, 

To grow your Guiding Light


If you are a Happy Rainbow, 

Your Guiding Light will glow

And each time you’re kind and helpful, 

Your light will grow and grow


If you’re a friendly Brownie, 

Doing Good Turns every day

Your Guiding Light will brighten…. 

All you do, in every way


If you’re a helpful Guide,

 Keeping every Girl Guide Law

Your Guiding Light will grow much stronger

And support you more and more


If you reach the Senior Section

Looking Wider every day

Your Guiding Light will guide you

As you journey on your way


If you are now a Leader

Then your Guiding Light will be

The light you shine on others

To share the vision that you see

You shine it bright for Rainbows

To find their Pot of Gold

You shine it bright for Brownies

Adventures to unfold

You shine it bright for Guides

To ‘Go For It ‘and grow

You shine it bright for Senior Section

To guide them to and fro

You shine it bright for other Leaders

To kindle friendships old and new                                                 

And you shine it bright just for yourself

To show your Guiding’s true


Now last of all the Trefoil Guild

The ones who Guide forever

They shine their light for everyone

They volunteer together

But they no longer hold a candle

For they’re just in it for the ‘Lark’

And they’ve been Guiding for so long

That they just ‘Glow in the Dark’