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Heritage Adviser

Name: Barbara Greenwood


Role: To keep the history of Guiding and especially the heritage of the county alive to members of Girlguiding Wirral by ensuring that the county archives are accessible and providing opportunity for members use items from them in their programme.

Over the next few months, I will be working with our Archivist, Joan Astill, putting together ‘Heritage Boxes’ which you will be able to use as the basis of a Guiding Heritage evening with your Unit.  Watch this space!

Do please e-mail me with your Guiding stories and photographs.  To start with, here is a photo of me as a Brownie – I was a Fairy in 1st Heswall Brownies in the 1950s, and have many happy memories.  My only regret was that I didn’t fly up to Guides as we moved house, I changed school and there wasn’t a Guide Unit locally.  Oh yes, I also had to wear my sister’s old Brownie dress which was several shades lighter than everyone else’s, much to my embarrassment.  However this is now a prized possession.

Cath Naylor, our Rainbow Adviser, has sent this photo of her Queen’s Guide Award presentation in 1984.  Can you spot her?