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Rainbows – Fun in their Units

May 2012 – 1st Grange Rainbow’s welcome their newest Rainbow, Daisy.

Daisy joined our unit during a ‘How to Make a Rainbow’ activity – part of the Big Birthday Challenge Badge. The girls coloured in a set of clothes, then added handprints with their names on. Daisy features in all our meetings, and at our special 25th Birthday party we made her a set of party clothes to wear! Before we finish for the summer the girls are thinking of a beach outfit. We enjoy doing activities together and showing the parents what we achieve.

May 2012 – 6th Wallasey Rainbows

Took part in this year’s Wirral Coastal Walk and walked 5 miles. We had a play on the beach afterwards as it was a lovely sunny day.




November 2011 – 5th Bebington Rainbows

Held a ‘Pudsey Party’ for Children in Need and raised over £80 by filling smartie tubes with coins and doing ‘helpful’ jobs for family and friends at 20p a time!




July 2011 -1st Upton Rainbows

went to Hadlow and did our Tipi Time badge. I asked Meg to hold my s’more – she threatened to eat it,  Hattie and Amie were cheering her on to eat it, whilst I was shouting “nooooo..dont eat my s’more” they were laughing so much, and teasing me…she did eventually eat it, they’re everyone’s favourite!