Promoting Guiding

Shout about the amazing things your unit does every week

As a Girlguiding volunteer, you support girls to learn new skills, have incredible adventures, make friends and speak out about the issues they care about. We’re here to help you tell other members and the wider world about your work, through the media, the internet and events – so together we can empower and inspire even more girls and young women. 

Our 4 Key Messages

Thousands of us talk about Girlguiding every single day – at work, at the gym, on evenings out or at the school gates. And what we say is incredibly powerful. It plays a vital role in raising awareness about what we do for girls, and it helps us to grow. Having the biggest impact relies on us all saying the same things. Our 4 key messages are at the heart of what makes Girlguiding so special. That’s why it’s important to include one of our key messages in everything you say or write about guiding.

  1. We are for all girls.
  2. We give girls their own space.
  3. We give girls a voice.
  4. We change as the lives of girls change

Promoting guiding 

Whether you do this face to face at events or online there are lots of resources, useful tips and ideas to make any promotion you run a success. Check out the links below to the resources that can help you;

You can always ask your local commissioner or the County PR Advisers for idea or help with the recruitment message you want to share.

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